Monday, July 9, 2012

Upcoming Activities

July 25 (w):         YM, Ultimate Frisbee

July 28 (Sat):       Best of EFY – to register see 

July 29 (Sun):     Fireside with Elder Ellis

July 31(Tues):    Temple for YM

Aug 1 (w):           No official activity – Optional Ultimate Frisbee combined with all YM

Aug 4 (Sat):         Chess tournament, Chess Merit Badge – Tentative date

Aug 8 (w):           YM/YW activity, Deacons are in charge – summer games, Swim party

Aug 15 (w):         Scouts – 1st Aid skills and other advancement required activities

Aug 22 (w):         Court of Honor

Aug 27 (m):         1st day of School – KISD

Aug 29 (w):         Time Management, study skills class

Sept 5 (w):          Scouts – Compass course at Meyer Park

Sept 7-8 (f-s):    OA Ordeal – For OA elected members only

Sept 12(w):         YM/YW - Combined

Sept 19 (w):        Campout Planning

Sept 21-22 (f-s) Campout – tentative date

Oct 19-20 (f-s):  LDS Region Camporee

Oct 31 (w):          Halloween, No meetings

Nov 9-10 (f-s)    Campout – tentative date

Dec 1 (sat):         Stake MB Clinic