Thursday, April 19, 2012

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST)

Module One—Introduction to Leadership (Know). Conducted within a week of a Scout's acceptance of his new position, this session focuses on what a boy leader must know.                        "The Boy-Led Patrol."

Module Two—How to Fulfill Your Role (Be). This session on how to fulfill the role's responsibilities focuses on what a leader must be.  "Teaching EDGE" method of instruction.

Module Three—What Is Expected of Me? (Do). This session focuses on what a leader must do. Topics include a review of the troop leader position descriptions, motivating Scouts to lead, what constitutes success in the boy's leadership role, and a coaching session with the Scoutmaster.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brazos Bend State park

We camped April 5-7 2012, Brazos Bend State park, it was yummy, my favorite animal to see was some deer. And the Alligators were... alright. My favorite food there was the cornbread. I loved the hiking...and no one snored...except there was a faint noise coming from Balint's, and Brother Wheldon's tents. And pack light.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Camping Plan

Every boy needs to present self and pack (or bag) for the campout.  Please bring your personal packing list (Camping MB 7a) so we can compare pack against the list. 

9b requires a 4 mile backpacking trip.  Boys that did not attend our Lonestar Trail Backpacking campout last fall can pass off this requirement.  Be sure to have access to a backpack.  Those boys will be carrying our water, food and cooking equipment for lunch during the hike.

All boys need to prepare a duty roster for camping MB 4a.
Here are the patrols for duty roster:
  Patrol A                          Patrol B
  Jacob D                           Balint M
  Nick T                              Jacob H
  Conner P                       Jacob M
  Erik A                              Ruggy H
  Spencer N                    Davis H
  Tony A                           Tucker E